Safari 4×4 Jeep SUVs Self-drive Rav4 – Suzuki Car Hire Nairobi Kenya

  • Safari 4×4 Jeep SUVs Self-Drive Rav4 Car Hire Nairobi Kenya
Safari 4×4 Jeep SUVs Self-Drive Rav4 & Suzuki Car Hire Nairobi Kenya

Small 4×4 jeep rental vehicles: Compact 4×4 Jeep SUVs Self-Drive Rav4 & Suzuki Car Hire Nairobi Kenya – Our Range of compact SUVs 4×4 jeeps rental vehicles include Toyota Rav4 and Suzuki Escudo allowed in National parks like Maasai Mara. They are ideal for adventurous travel that is not limited to even tar roads but gives the traveler an opportunity to go off road with a convenient ground clearance height good for game and site viewing. Suzuki and Toyota Rav4 have always been strong small size 4×4 performers.

Jeep Kenya has made it possible for you to experience and enjoy cheap unique style and reliable adventure self-drive safari in Kenya that is not catered for by traditional safari companies. We give you the chance to go off-road and explore the wilds of East Africa whilst maintaining a high level of security and back-up on the ground when you hire SUVs 4×4 jeep rental vehicles like Rav4 and Suzuki.

Self-Drive Toyota Rav4 car hire Nairobi Kenya

When your vacation in Kenya or East Africa requires a SUV, jeep Kenya has you covered, with a wide variety of models available to rent. If you want the luxury of a car with the power of a truck, a SUV rental from jeep Kenya is the ideal solution. A SUV makes 0ffroad trips, outdoor activities or just cruising around town or national parks an adventure. If you are planning on visiting Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania chances are wildlife safari is on top of your bucket list. As beautiful as safaris are, they are not affordable for every person.

At Jeep Kenya we believe everyone deserves to see the wonders Kenyan safaris have to offer. This is why we have included reliable small 4×4 cars suited for average pocket budget. If you are looking to hire a budget 4wd car for your adventure road trip to Amboseli national park, Tsavo west and east, Laikipia, Samburu, Mara, Aberdares, Meru, Naivasha, Rift valley or the lakes we have the solution.

If you are planning a road trip self-driven Safari in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania, Please Contact Jeep Kenya Limited to hire a SUV.

Planning to visit Kenya and be on a self-drive safari and camping? Talk to Jeep Kenya for SUVs 4×4 jeep rental vehicles offering the best and cheapest deal in Kenya